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Jiasuoer: nike free run 3 femme Soyez dans la vie quotidienne cure d’ours afin de limiter le vertige

Before this, according to " issue of tangerine county age signs up for " Bill Oram report, paul of lake person player - add Suo Erneng to be able to attend event of this sports season the rest quite. And some earlier time, in bear when interviewing, jiasuoer states he is in everyday nowadays bear cure will restrain vertigo.

I meet “ everyday bear a cure of half hours. I can do a few training to reinforce balanced feeling, will restrain vertigo. ” adds say of all alone Er, “ nike free run 2 femmegames lets head happening considerably move, this is very intense, because this is met,occasion dizzinesses. And go controlling we want to go to dizziness doing. ”

In addition, he also expresses: “ nowadays is the time that goes supporting coach group. They have a lot of patient. This sports season is very difficult. ”

This sports season, jiasuoer gives fight 60 times for lake person group, nike free run 3 femmeall dedicate 17.4 minutes 9.7 backboard and 3.4 secondary attack.

(Editor: Zhang Zhaohui)

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